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Electronic Banking Made For Business Customers

At The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company, our goal is to help make your business run easier and securely with electronic banking options. Whether you are in need of payments being processed electronically, to remotely depositing checks, or having access to your business account anytime!

Picture of Electronic Funds Transfer

Wire & Online Wire*

A wire is a transfer of funds submitted electronically across a secure network of banks or transfer agencies around the world. Netteller Wire, our online wire service, allows our business customers the ability to enter domestic wires from their home or office eliminating the need to visit a branch to initiate this request. The Netteller Wire Service also provides a means to enforce dual control. At this time, international wires must be submitted in person or by phone, fax, or email. 
- Business online banking, computer, and internet connection are required for this service.

MicroBusiness Mobile Deposit

Available to our business customers that deposit a small number of checks, MicroBusiness Mobile Deposit is a quick and easy way to deposit checks. There are no additional devices needed other than a smart phone and access to your business account via online banking.
- Business online banking and a smart phone are required for this service.

Remote Deposit Capture*

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a service that allows our bank clients to remotely deposit checks by scanning the checks (converting them to a digital image/file) in your office and sending them via a secure internet connection, from your office or home, without having to physically travel to the bank.
- Windows or Mac computer and internet connection are required for this service.
Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows our business customers to send a secure transmission file of checks drawn on your account. The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company compares the records, in the Positive Pay issued file, and matches check number and amounts prior to paying checks against the customer's account. Some of the key benefits of Positive Pay are the reduction of check fraud and increased control; thus securing assets.
- Business online banking, computer, and internet connection are required for this service.

ACH Origination*

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system allows funds to be processed quickly through the use of electronic transfer. ACH origination allows business customers to create electronic payments and deposits to their customer's or affiliate's checking accounts, provided a valid authorization has been obtained. This service is widely used by companies who process payments, in bulk, to distribute funds to vendors, create direct deposits for their company payroll, and collect funds for consumer payments; such as utility payments, account drafts, membership fees, tuition, dues, and insurance premiums.
- Business online banking, computer, internet connection, and a smart phone for out-of-bank MFA token are required for this service.

Business Bill Pay

Bill Pay is an online service that allows The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company's customers to make payments and pay bills through online banking. Customers can set up one-time payments, schedule future payments, and create recurring payments from their business accounts. These payments could be processed as checks or electronically, if the payee has elected to receive electronic payments. Businesses can also submit next day and scheduled payment(s) directly to another individual's account (routing and account number are required).
- Business online banking, computer, and internet connection are required for this service.

Merchant Services

The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company contracts with BancCard® to provide businesses with the tools and requirements that they need to accept credit card and debit card payments, whether in the office, on the road, or online. Through this service, your customer can accept payments for VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, etc. 
- Smart phone or computer, internet connection, and merchant terminal are required for this service.

Please note that the aforementioned of our electronic banking business products and services are summaries only and fees may apply. For more information, please contact us directly at any one of our convenient locations.

*subject to approval