How to Keep Online Banking Safe

With a little effort, we can outwit the cyber-criminals

Computer technology has certainly made our lives more convenient. It has also opened the door for criminals to try to take our money through identity theft, online scams and other types of electronic fraud.  At The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company, we use high-level security measures to safeguard our online banking and ATMs, but you can take additional steps to further protect yourself.

Online Banking Security

  • Never reveal your online banking password to anyone or leave your password anywhere that someone else can obtain and use it.
  • Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Use the Exit button to end each online banking session. Do not use the Back button to exit the site.
  • Use online banking to check your transactions on a regular basis, looking for purchases and expenditures that you did not make.
  • Sign up for notifications from The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company. We'll alert you electronically based on the parameters you establish.
  • If possible, avoid accessing your online banking account from public computers that may not be secure.
  • Keep your computer software up to date and make sure you have antivirus and malware protection.

ATM Security

  • Use ATMs in a well-lighted, open, high-traffic area.
  • Always check the machine before putting your card in. Is the card slot securely in the machine? Has anything been installed around the edges of the machine that looks strange? Is there any glue or sticky substance around the key pad or card slot? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it's possible that a criminal has installed a "skimmer" to steal your account data.
  • Always attempt to cover your hand when you enter your PIN so that the numbers cannot be seen by others.
  • If there is more than one ATM, and a sign has been placed on one of the units saying it is out of service, use caution and potentially look for another ATM location. The sign could be an attempt to direct traffic to a fraudulent machine where skimming equipment has been installed.
  • Beware of offers for help from strangers during an ATM transaction.
  • Always review your account activity and report any unauthorized credit or debit charges by calling your branch's customer service department immediately.

Avoid Other Types of Fraud

  • Don't send money to someone you don't know!
  • Don't agree to deposit a check and then wire funds!
  • Don't reply to unsolicited email messages asking for personal or financial information!
  • Don't give out your account number or your password!
  • Don't give out your debit card number or your PIN!
  • Don't let someone you don't know have remote access to your computer!

One of our top priorities is doing everything possible to protect your private banking information. However, if you suspect you've become a fraud victim, contact The Evangeline Bank and Trust Company immediately.